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5 Reasons you’re a traveler, not a tourist. Or are you?

So, are you a traveler or a tourist? The travel industry is quickly revolving into a culture. Names have been coined from different languages to fit these experiences. You should really look up travel jargon; they make guys sound exquisite. As a travel lingo bonus just for you, prix fixe (pree feeks) refers to something with a fixed price. Haggle only for thrill, but it’s most likely not going down.How do you prefer traveling? What activities do you engage in when you do? These are some of the questions that are likely to let

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I can’t keep calm! That’s probably the worst tag line ever, but it’s true. I have tried finding fulfilment from settling down and focusing on one activity and place, but I failed terribly. Okay, I should probably start by telling you who I am. My name is Wachera, a daughter of the African soil. Just recently, I realized that Wachera is native for “the one who loves travelling” . Read more

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