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Dear everyone else: here is what NOT to ask African travelers

This post is inspired by, among other things, something that happened a few weeks back.I am standing outside my Airbnb (was most likely waiting for someone, or chilling... or whatever). A guy comes at me, does not say hello or anything.Here’s how it went:Him: Do you speak English?Me: (Bewildered) BarelyHim: Where’s the kitchen?Me: Uuuum I just arrived and I do not work….Him: I WANT salt… you know that thing they put in food…Guys…I do not speak much about some of these things, but they

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lamu island

Lamu Island: is it worth the visit?

Happy New Year!I have never been more eager to end a year. Don’t get it twisted: I love my birthday. However, having the toughest year ever makes one look forward to it with eagerness and an urgency of sorts. That, and the fact that I had never been to Lamu.Visiting Lamu IslandI do not have a definite bucket list, but I have always wanted to visit the island. We attempted to inquire about another generally unknown island but the logistics were not adding up. Lamu was our second option and, like the younger and more

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How to find cheap flights – ultimate guide for the African traveler

How to find cheap flights It can be quite intimidating to plan a trip. Choosing a flight (s) that does not leave a dent in your account can be a daunting task, but it is well worth it. The first time I booked an international flight was not pleasurable. While there exist many resources online, albeit mostly providing conflicting information, very few are written with the African traveler in mind. This is resource is meant to ensure that you have an better experience than I did - no one should have it otherwise after this. You may

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cameroon genocide

A genocide is brewing in Cameroon – the world is silent

I am writing about this because:I’m very angry I’m African I have your attention I do not have the emotional capability to keep answering every single message on the same.Few weeks ago, 11 Thai kids were stuck in a cave. The world stopped. The sigh of relief was almost tangible after the end of the rescue operations.Side story that one.Since 2016 Cameroon has been in war. Just so that no one gets left behind, it’s not a civil war like some guys have been claiming. It is different when those being

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Mount Kenya: A Mountain of Possibilities

I fell. I fall a lot.Okay. Let’s start this from the beginning.Hiking is one of those things that I will probably not grow tired of, and most definitely not outgrow. There is that indescribable satisfaction that comes with knowing you started something and successfully completed it. There is one of the reasons we hike. The last statement was directed to those who keep asking what the purpose is. Hiking Mount Kenya I introduced Mount Kenya in this post. If you haven’t already read it, first do that then head back here. In

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visa free countries for kenyan citizens

80 Visa Free Countries for Kenyan Citizens

Before planning your trip, there’s a lot of factors to consider. Do you have time? For those who do 9-5, that would mean asking for a leave of absence and all that. Do you have money? Most people have to save up for any trip they hope to take.Where should I go? Everybody asks that.For African travelers, you are not quite done. The main question is normally whether or not you need a visa, the kind of visa you need, do they need you to have both kidneys…This post will list all the visa free countries for Kenya. There is

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Why Nigeria? An African love story

Nigeria is not a popular tourist destination. They don’t even know the potential their country has here tourism is concerned. They meaning Nigerian leaders.When I heard that Kenyans no longer needed a visa to the country, I blindly said I was going to be there for the New Years. Well, here I am.One of the main questions I have had to answer since I started thinking of the trip is: Why Nigeria?I could not answer that question confidently before visiting. The general response was that every country has something to

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2018, a Nigerian rant, and everything in between

First post I’m doing this year. Well, at least on the blog. Hey! How’s everyone doing? Hope you’re all having a wonderful start to this amazing year.Last year was many things to me. It was the hardest yet the one where I achieved many important things. The many challenges I had to deal with made sense days or months later, and for that I’m grateful.As a community, we had so many ups! This was of course after a hack that affected the site more than one could imagine. We bounced back with a nomination to the BAKE Awards

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road trip kenya

Road trip in Kenya? Here’s a cheat sheet

Looking for road trip ideas in Kenya especially now that the holidays are here? Well, I got you. These will cover some of the least visited yet very authentic places in the country.In no particular order, here are some of the road trip destinations you should check out! Road trip to Nyeri County; #19 This is one of the most beautiful counties in Kenya. Most roads are tarmacked, making it quite the experience. A road trip to Nyeri would be ultimate adventure since they have animals, Mount Kenya, conservancies, waterfalls…

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Disrobed – My Hammam Experience

Everybody now knows I love Morocco. It is one of those countries where I did not struggle to fit in; I had the ultimate the experience. The highlight of my trip? Snail soup. The people. Okay, it was the hammam. I cannot decide. Here’s how my hammam experience went down. What is a hammam? It is a bathhouse/steam bath that is integral and ancient part of Moroccan culture.First, a brief history of this bathing tradition:It originated from the Arabs and Romans, without who, guys would still be using cold water to shower and

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Usambara Mountains – You won’t find a better guide elsewhere

People are finally realizing that the wilderness is a necessity, and that going to the mountains is synonymous to going home.For me, the Usambara Mountains is like that lost rib. Sometimes home is overrated.Here’s where it all started:A friend and I were planning to getaway for a few days. Strange cuz it was only a few days after the Turkana trip. Have you guys visited that place yet btw? Why do I seem to need so many breaks? Okay, let’s call it homesickness and carry on 😛 Texts later, I come up with Tanga. It’s close

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Booking the SGR Madaraka Express – Everything you need to know

The SGR, is without a doubt, one of Kenya’s most monumental achievements since independence. The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) was patriotically named the Madaraka Express. It revolutionized the way guys travel between Nairobi and Mombasa. For travelers, having a cheap and efficient mode of transport is something to be celebrated. What would have meant 12 hours on the road has been reduced to around four and a half hours. Convenience.[caption id="attachment_1149" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Views from the Miritini

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Hiking in Kenya – Daring the Rurimueria Trek, Aberdares

Most of my days do not start at 3 a.m. Any such day then has to be worth it. Let’s face it: life is constantly a fingers-crossed situation. We don’t know what will happen the next minute – we can only hope. Hope is the fuel that drives us humans, and the quality of our lives is (mainly) determined by the extent and quality of our optimism.Well, it was worth it!Hiked one of the most unexplored treks in Kenya, setting records left, right, and center. Background: The Aberdare Range Kenya is generally mountainous if the

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ocean reef

The mystery that is the ocean reef – journeying the ocean

If you’re in any way intrigued by the ocean, this post is for you. Specific reference will be made to the Indian Ocean. This Ocean is named after India, and is referred to as Ratnākara in Sanskrit literature. There is quite a lot to be said about (any) ocean. However, let’s dwell on ocean reefs.The other day we took that literal journey into the Indian Ocean. I know no one disagrees that the Ocean is no one’s mother ;). Still, it has been said that only about 5 percent of the ocean has been explored! Granted, new things are

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Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya; Pics from the world’s last WU18 athletics, in Kasarani

Nairobi, Kenya is one of the most interesting places there is across the globe. Its diversity is so pronounced that it is impossible to ignore its existence. As the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi represents the transformation that the country has undergone over time.Over the years, the world has constantly gathered in the city to celebrate milestones, plan world events, and so on. This week, the world's focus shifted to Nairobi, Kenya, for the IAAF WU18 Championships. This is a biennial global athletics event for the youth

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