cameroon genocide

A genocide is brewing in Cameroon – the world is silent

I am writing about this because: I’m very angry I’m African I have your attention I do not have the emotional capability to keep answering every single message on the same. Few weeks ago, 11 Thai kids were stuck in a cave. The world stopped. The sigh of relief was almost tangible after the end of the rescue operations. Side story that one. Since 2016 Cameroon has been in war. Just so that no one gets left behind, it’s not a civil war like some guys have been claiming. It is different when those being attacked are unarmed civilians whose only mistake is their knowledge of

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I can’t keep calm! That’s probably the worst tag line ever, but it’s true. I have tried finding fulfilment from settling down and focusing on one activity and place, but I failed terribly. Okay, I should probably start by telling you who I am. My name is Wachera, a daughter of the African soil. Just recently, I realized that Wachera is native for “the one who loves travelling” . Read more

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